September 19th, 2006

Shiny, Firefly Kaylee

Co-me-dy To-night!

Today on the Bob & Tom Show, they had guests in the studio Heywood Banks and "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Heywood was doing his bit, including his new song about the 63-foot tall "Big Butter Jesus," and his schedule is bringing him to CR on 10/6-7. Anyone who wants to come to this show >Saturday, October 7, 2006 - 7:30 PM< please comment or email me. The show is smoke-free. Tickets are $16.50 (plus eTix fees $2.50 I think), and I'd like to order them by Thursday (9/21) night. You can pay me when we get there. I do suggest a car-pool of some sort, as parking is a bitch.

Al was there pimping his new release Straight out of Lynwood. He was telling how it is dropping next Tuesday the 26th, and how it is a CD on one side, DVD on the other, with a 24-page insert. Sounds sweet. He premiered the song "White and Nerdy" on the show. The video was to premiere at midnight ET on AOL Music. However... At AOL, quality isn't just a word, but an adjective that doesn't describe AOL. The video is not there yet. Someone had gotten it up on YouTube earlier, but it was taken down, probably by RIAA (the name of the evil witch from The Dark Tower - Wizard and Glass, BTW). All the versions at YouTube have been eradicated, however, it seems to be that Google Video has it.
White and Nerdy - video
BTW, is anyone out there nerdy enough to tell me what that equation behind him and Donny is all about?

So, all's well that ends well...
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More on the Weird Al video

I was watching it and I think the equation may just be gibberish, just to see how many emails he gets about it.

I managed to freeze the Trivial Pursuit card:

(G ) In what city is the largest ball of twine built by one man?
(E ) What's the deal with Lindsay Lohan? I mean, seriously?
(H ) F.D.R. - was he faking it?
(AL) On what page does Harry Potter die in the next book?
(SN) What is the melting point of a gorilla's head?
(SL) How many Wicket Men are there on a 43-Man Squattish team?

Also, the Wiki entry he's editing is Atlantic Records. See how quick the internet is? ^_^

BTW - The submit button on this entry says "Update Captain's Log." O.o Someone's too white and nerdy at LJ.
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