September 15th, 2006

Hysteria Ward, Simpsons Hysteria Ward


I just heard something on my recording of the radio that would have been a spit-take if I'd been drinking anything at the time. As it is, I think my uvula is now lodged in one of my sinuses.

"The University of Iowa Homecoming and 100.7 the Fox present another Fox Free Concert.
*Carry on, my wayward son*
*There'll be peace when you are done.*
KANSAS..." blahblahblah

I think it was funny to me mostly because of that scene from Coupling where Steve tells Susan his favorite band is Kansas, her response being "Kansas? Carry-on-my-wayward-son-Kansas?!" Then not to hurt his feelings, "I love Kansas!" ^.^ (The quote might not be exact, but you get the gist.)

So anyway, if anyone wants to see Kansas for free, they'll be on the Pentacrest with opening band Guster, Friday 10/6 after the parade and pep rally (they didn't give a specific time). I, of course, will be working. Aww, too bad. :P