August 9th, 2006

Vampire, Bloodlust

Internet issues, again

When I got home tonight, P was on the phone with someone. It turns out the internet was down since 6pm and she'd been on the phone with Mediacom since then. That's about 5½ hours. They're saying it's something on our end and they can send out someone on the 14th, yeah, that 14th, which is close to a week away. The modem has four lights on it, and when it's working, there are two solid and two blinking. This had only two blinking, one in the wrong spot. By resetting the modem, I was able to get connection, but after a few minutes, it disappeared. P says she's calling SouthSlope tomorrow to see about DSL. Well, I just went downstairs for a moment and saw the modem-is-working pattern off a reflection thru her doorway. I don't know if it worked itself out or if it's just a blip where it's working. I ran up here to post real quick about how frustrating it can be. Blah blah blah. On the bright side, I'm catching up on my TV watching. On the dark side, I'm getting the DTs from not playing WoW or LJing (j/k, kinda). Yeah, P was super upset about the whole situation, because she was supposed to be working on job-related stuff, but no internet meant no telecommuting. Some companies can be real collective bastards. Hope this actually gets thru.