August 2nd, 2006


New Dell is teh yay!

I've got it all set up. Transfered a bunch of stuff from my laptop. Installed Firefox and Webshots and set them up like I like them. Ripped the extra stuffing out of the software (AOL, etc.), installed a wireless card. Got McAfee going. Still got other stuff to do on it (like install the TiVo Desktop, DVD software, and WoW (oh, can't wait to see what that looks like ^_^)). Unfortunately, I'm running out of time and have stuff to do in town.

BTW, going to bed at 3-ish and waking at 8-ish seems a bad idea, but really, I've gotten a lot done today so far. I didn't really need another 5 hours sleep. Fight the symptoms of depression, I guess. Anyway, I'm off!