April 13th, 2006

Nightmare Night Applejack

We're fine here... How are you?

Well, you may know that a tornado hit Iowa City a little while ago. It went from Wal-Mart to Menard's and all the way downtown. We've lost power here at the hospital and are on emergency backups. Right now, I'm waiting for word on what we need to do to help the ECU, etc.

Just wanted to update and say I'm okay.
Firefly River, River Miranda

I'm Home, Safe Home

Well, as far as emergency at the hospital, there was one injury that came into the ER at Mercy and I heard there were three at the UIHC. I didn't really experience much of anything where I was at the hospital save the power failure. I'm right now watching some videos from KCRG TV-9. There were tons of people out driving around and walking around towards the damaged areas to spectate and making it hard for actual emergency workers to get anywhere. The morning's probably going to have aerial footage showing the damage and a lot more info is going to be available, but hopefully there won't have been any severe injuries or fatalities.

Oddly enough, out here at the lake, we didn't lose power at all.
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