March 31st, 2006

Nightmare Night Applejack

Dancing WoW Icons for all the Alliance and Horde!

My first full batch of icons on a theme.
[16 Dancing World of Warcraft Icons]

World of Warcraft put up samples of the races dancing. The files they made were 120x120 and well over 40K, which won't work on LJ. I pared them down and threw out a bunch of frames. Jumpier, but usable.
Originals available at
Since I did so much work to make them LJ-compatable, I consider them
Original Adaptations: Take freely, but please credit mandydax and Blizzard.

They're are in my LJ Scrapbook tag: dance gallery. They're all transparent backgrounds.

Female Night Elf Dancing (anigif)Male Night Elf Dancing (anigif)Collapse )

X-posted in mandydax, iconaddicts, adopt_me, worldofwarcraft, and my own guild's community perfect_dawn of Eldre'Thalas. I'm also sending a note to Blizzard to see if they'll link it on the dancing page.
Now I Can Catch That Bird

Star Trek Trivia Prize

It's a collector tin with two decks of playing cards with the TNG crew on backs of one and the Enterprise-D on the others. ©1992, so I guess it's a kind of antique. lol

I'll bring it to Convergence, so you can play with it, Dave.