March 23rd, 2006

Now I Can Catch That Bird

To Celebrate Bill and Leonard's Birthdays...

A guy in our dietary dept puts together a Star Trek Quiz.

I know some of these, but need your (davedujour's ~_^ ) help with others. (I get stumped on the TOS ones, mostly.)

1. James Doohan, known to ST fans as Scotty, passed away last year. What was done with his remains?
2. What is Picard's favorite hot beverage?
3. What was the first episode with Dr. McCoy?
4. What species was Guinan?
5. What game did Kirk and Spock often play?
6. Seven of Nine had what percentage of her implants removed?
7. What ship in TOS is manned completely by Vulcans?
8. What year did the Botany Bay launch?
9. In what episode did McCoy first say, "He's dead, Jim."?
10. Who was the first ST actor to write a Star Trek story?
11. What was the first episode with Scotty?
12. How old is Leonard McCoy when he toured the Enterprise-D?
13. Who was the first real Astronaut to appear in any Star Trek story?
14. For most of the film, Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban) wears a shirt that shows off a well-defined set of pectoral muscles.
Montalban wore a prosthetic device in order to give Khan the appearance of a highly muscular chest. True or False?
15. Midshipman First Class Peter Preston (Ike Eisenmann) is a rather brash young officer in Engineering. What is his relation to Commander Montgomery Scott (James Doohan)? Son, Grandson, Stepson, Nephew?
16. Finish this quote from Khan: "Have you ever heard the Klingon proverb that revenge is a dish best served ______?"
17. Joachim (Judson Scott), Khan's chief lieutenant, was also Khan's son. True or False?
18. How did James Doohan lose his finger?
19. Where did the name Wesley Crusher come from?
20. What is Spock's brother's name?

Deadline is 8PM on Sunday for me to turn it in...