March 21st, 2006

Nightmare Night Applejack

My nose and uffer lif are very numv right now

Well, 8am at the dentist... Oh, and firstly as a VTW, thanks to Colorado for the snow. We'll return the favor with Josh Tesh CDs, you vastards. So, they shoot me all up with novocaine and fof off my temforary veneers. Then they do all this grinding and stuff to get the new fermanent veneers to fit right. Turns out, that the fref work they did wasn't wide enough, and so they re-freffed it and fut new temfs on. So three of my teeth look like they're welded together. I have to go vack in another 2 weeks, and hofefully then, I can get my new fermament teeth. I'm very tired right now, vecause, of course, I stayed up way to late last night. Nice thing avout working second shift is that I can go vack to ved for a few more hours.

Feter Fifer ficked a feck of fickled feffers. Ruvver vavy vuggy vumfers. LOL, I had to fut that in...
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Danae, WTF?

Bad day worse (rant)

Ok, now suddenly, Launchcast isn't recognizing my plus premium subscription. I sent them a nasty note. The whole reason I have plus is not to hear commercials. I have TiVo for this reason, I change radio stations in my car when they come on, and I'm paying to have it on LC+! Bastards. So, I'm listening to uninfluenced, low quality music feed interrupted by inane commercials for stuff I wouldn't consider wanting and I have used too much bandwidth this month (because I listen to it on high for 8 hours a day 5 days a week) and so I can't skip any songs and I can't access my moods to let it know I want more Cure- and Smiths-type music. How much s#!ttier is this day gonna get? T_T

I had to ask. I thought I'd just listen to Radio Free Colorado. So much for that idea. It's gone.

(another edit)
LC+ is + again! Sweet Carlos!
Pool, I'll be alive when I get out...

My teeth are really starting to bug me

Once the novocaine wore off, I noticed how bad the temps are annoying me. The foremost ones have a lip that runs behind the real teeth, so that i can feel a ridge there. This is also where my lower teeth usually rest without putting any real pressure on the uppers, so when I rest my teeth together naturally, the lowers push the uppers forward. Also, with three of the temps bonded together, it's like braces. Those three teeth feel like they've got some serious torsion on them. When I have even tepid water on them the feeling intensifies. None of this is really painful or even so much uncomfortable, but it's annoying, like when you get the hiccups and they last for hours even when you've tried everything to get rid of them. I think I'll call the dentist in the morning and see if they can take a cutting wheel to them or something to free those three from each other and maybe take off that lip on those two in the middle.
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