July 5th, 2005

Nightmare Night Applejack

Friday Fiver - Let's talk about debt baby

1. Who do you owe?
SallieMae and Household Bank

2. Does anyone owe you?
Kelly Services still owes me a paycheck for the last full week of June. Oh, and I have a few soul options I can call in. >;)

3. How many credit cards to you have?
Just one.

4. Do you care about national debt?

5. Would your friends be surprised if they accidently saw the balance in your checkbook?
Today, no. $3.91. Kelly needs to pay me.
Nightmare Night Applejack

How Geek am I?

Sunday's FoxTrot had Jason making up a Jumble for kicks:


Of course there are no answers in the strip itself, but it is a real Jumble. Try to figure it out yourself. :) Answer behind Collapse )

I'll get around to posting serious about my awesome weekend, but I'm going to need some recovery time.