March 30th, 2005

Nightmare Night Applejack

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PoolTonight I play league at CSB, then tomorrow I'm off to Waterloo for State Singles bright and early. My first match is at noon. Hopefully, I'll be able to take home the money this year. Last year, I was too po' to enter. I couldn't afford the entry, the hotel, or even the gas. One of our guys who got 5th place in the open division last year saw me at the team event and said that the way I was beating him consistently the week before, I should have played singles. This year I'm very confident of my abilities, and I'm hungry for it. I'm at least going to make it to the second day this time. Patti managed to get a hotel room at the Grand, thankfully. On Saturday, we'll be playing our team event. It's Patti, Tom, Ben, Eric, and me. We're all good players. That's to say none of us are bad players. In years past, we've filled out teams or even had an extra player who was pretty terrible. This year we're pretty solid. Oh, and there's a change this year that anyone who's finished in the money in the last three years is not an open division player. This takes the very best players into a division of their own, leaving the odds even better for me. Wish me luck!
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Nightmare Night Applejack

Yes, I'm sick of it, too...

...but this from the judge in the latest appeal explains how I feel about the government interference.

Judge Stanley F. Birch Jr. wrote. "While the members of her family and the members of Congress have acted in a way that is both fervent and sincere, the time has come for dispassionate discharge of duty."

Birch went on to scold President Bush and Congress for their attempts to intervene in the judicial process, by saying: "In resolving the Schiavo controversy, it is my judgment that, despite sincere and altruistic motivation, the legislative and executive branches of our government have acted in a manner demonstrably at odds with our Founding Fathers' blueprint for the governance of a free people — our Constitution."

What part of "no" don't you understand?
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Nightmare Night Applejack

New Userpic

Thanks to jaka_talbot for pointing the way to's icon maker. It doesn't seem to display the preview of the icon in FX, so you may want to go it in IE. It doesn't pop-up any ads, so it looks pretty safe. Hooray!

PS: Anyone want to steal the finger x-ray userpic? Call "dibs!"
finger x-ray
I reserve the right to steal it back, so there! ;)

PPS: What beautiful stormy, windy weather we are having. It makes me smile just to be able to enjoy it! :D
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