March 23rd, 2005

Nightmare Night Applejack


GGR: Gir Gir RevolutionWow! I just got done with a marathon Endless Light session and got past Stage 36 all the way to Stage 44, Xenon (lots of air and stream and I never practice it, but I will now), with a 938 Max Combo! I also had another off over 800, shattering my previous record of 689 twice in one session. BAZAM! Total score: 353.9M (previous high: 181.3M)

Damn I feel great, although, it does take a long time to get through all those songs and now it's after 12:30.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm playing handicapped tonight ;) ←like this. My left contact was bothering me, so I took it out. I didn't replace it yet. I'll do that in the morning. So with one eye tied behind my back... no, that's not right... If you're not familiar with my visual problems, my contact lens Rx is beyond -5.00, that's an effective focal range of about 8". Having one eye blurry really messes with making out stuff with the other.
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Nightmare Night Applejack

Speed Update

Things I forgot or didn't get around to mention. Invasion Iowa premiers next Tuesday on Spike TV. Yesterday, William Shatner turned (holy crap!) 74.

Last night, Ares got something in his left forepaw and he won't let me look at it or probe it, so off to the vet we go this afternoon.

My eye irritation has turned into pinkeye. I'm taking the sulfa drops.

On top of all that, I think I'm getting the flu. I'm freezing here in the dungeon where it's always hot. I have achey muscles. I feel that spacey aura coming on. Will skip pool tonight if possible and rest up.
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Nightmare Night Applejack

Ickiness Update

Ares is okay. The vet couldn't see anything in the paw, and Ares was being uncooperative in a hissy-bitey way. So the DVM gave him anesthesia. After Ares was out cold, he started probing the pad that was inflamed, and broke open a pustule. He had an abscess causing pressure, and that's why he was limping. He's recovering now, still pretty out of it. I opened the carrier door for him and ran upstairs to get something warmer to wear myself. When I came back down the stairs, he was in the hallway stumbling about. I wrapped him in a towel and took him out to the living room. Then I smelled it. Poo! He didn't have his bowel control back yet. Poor baby! And poor me, I had to clean up the cat's ass, which he didn't like. He also dropped a couple of little ones in the living room and one in the hall. He was actually trying to make it to a litterbox. I have him put up in the carrier for his own safety. He's not coordinated at all yet. All this for the low, low price of $85.75 and 2½ hours of work. I love my kitties and am glad he's going to be okay. I have to give him daily antibiotic liquid for the next week.

As for me, still cold and achey, but my eye is already looking better because I caught it early. No league tonight because the other team couldn't be there anyway. We'll make it up next week.

Oh, and Patti just called. Her truck broke down. Fuel pump. So it's all about the carpool again.
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