March 8th, 2005

Nightmare Night Applejack


I'm glad to see my friends decided to catch up on their postings instead of working today. ;) This post is filled with linky goodness, but links are lo-carb! \o/um!

I was watching TiVo the other night and I ran out of things I wanted to watch just then, and it was about 3 till the hour, so scan the listings... Celebrity Pool... The Black Widow Jeanette Lee co-hosts this show, and there are celebrities playing for charity. It's on Bravo. I'm watching live TV, so I suffer the commercials. I'm bombarded with ad after ad for Queer Eye for the Straight Girl. Now I'd watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but after a few epis thought, "How does this help me unless I'm going to be a drag king?" That's a confusing thought in itself... ;) ... Anyway, Honey Labrador, the Lady from QE, was one of the celebrities playing pool, and I found her quite good. I decided to catch the next showing of the new QE. Who knew serendipity was coaxing me that night?

HyalineI sat down and watched the epi last night. They were making over the straight girl, Kim Dahle. We're told that she plays violin in a band. Ok... A goth rock band. OK! :D I've been a big fan of Siouxsie & the Banshees and the Cure (duh) and Miranda Sex Garden (and, no that is not where the name came from&mdash someone told me about them afterwards) and Sisters of Mercy (I want to get an autograph everytime I see a nun at the hospital XD j/k) and Skinny Puppy, well, I lived with Ken for 2½ years, so I was influenced there, of course. I thought, "I hope they're really good." I was not to be disappointed. They did the house thing and the clothes thing. They picked out these incredible outfits with her. She selected this twilight blue colored bustier to go with a black midi, fishnets and combat boots. It was incredible. They did the hair thing. It was a sweet cut, actually Kim reminded me a little of Siouxsie in some photos I have, just from the cut. They took her to kickboxing lessons. They took her into a studio for a pro mixer's opinion, and gave her this— a wireless Yamaha violin. I haven't seen a violin so beautiful since I saw Laurie Anderson play her metal violin on Home of the Brave. They showed Hyaline— the band— at The Gig. They... were... awesome! Literally, I was in awe. I went on line tonight and of course, their CD is sold out, but I ordered it for when it's available. There're some samples (here for dialup, you poor baby!) that I'm listening to right now from their eponymous album. Oh, I want!! Now!!! ;]
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Nightmare Night Applejack

The Patriarchy pisses me off sometimes...

Venus before the accidentWTF is wrong with our culture? When will people at large learn that the human body can be a beautiful thing and that breasts are not evil?

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"For cryin' out loud, lady, they're just boobs!" —Lois, Malcolm in the Middle
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