March 3rd, 2005

Nightmare Night Applejack

The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of...

evil robot teddy bearMicrosoft Showcases Robots to Watch Kids from Yahoo! AP News.
"The teddy bear sitting in the corner of the child's room might look normal, until his head starts following the kid around..."

Great, that's the kind of stuff that gives kids PTSD. How many horror movies have a teddy bear, or a clown that moves on its own and then kill everyone in the house? Hundreds? Thousands? I guess Bill Gates never saw these. I mean, just Puppetmaster I and II were enought to make me put all my plushies in a closet and block the door witha chair, and even then I didn't sleep well. *shiver*

It's robots in bears and the end of the world!
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Nightmare Night Applejack

Say Something Nice Meme

(from cipherpunk)

I got this from a friend, who borrowed it from another and so on and so on...

Respond to this post and say something nice about ME, tell ME what stands out as a positive trait that I have, preferrably something relatively unique to ME not generally present in the general populace. Remember, this is about ME.

Then, go to your journal and paste this message. I will come there and say something that I like about YOU. I promise it will be something YOU would normally never hear from ME, or at least that I'll try very hard to make it something like that.
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Nightmare Night Applejack

Scrambled Encephaly

Okay, I know most of you realize that I think in what appears to be a very disjointed manner sometimes. I just make leaps from one thing to another until I get to something that has nothing to do with the first and you don't get to see the journey.

I got a carton of milk at lunch today, and there's a little puzzle for the kids on the side:
The Big Race!
Dexter is running a race against two other runners. Draw a line from the runners to their winning medals.
Dexter         1st
Horse          2nd
Cheetah        3rd

My answer: Horse first, Cheetah second. Dexter is disqualified.

You make think, but a Cheetah is faster than a Horse, so it should be Cheetah, Horse, Dexter, right? Maybe so, but let me explain my thought process.

Ok, the race is starting and the runners get out of the gate. First of all, how long is the race? Cheetahs are sprinters and can only run at speed for a few seconds. Horses are built for endurance. I know nothing about Dexter. I assume he is a normal human child, lets say 8 years old. If it is a 100m dash, the Cheetah would win, paws down, the Horse second and Dexter third. I'll assume that. But wait, if these runners are all released from the gates at the same time, the Horse and Dexter would run out the gates, but the Cheetah might be scared by the bell. So Dexter and the Horse start running, and the Cheetah is left behind. Once the Cheetah recovers, it sees two prey fleeing. The horse is way ahead, so it lets the Horse go, but the human child is easy pickings. The Cheetah runs down Dexter, kills him and eats him. After resting for a while, the Cheetah gets up and walks to the finish line. Technically, the Cheetah's nose hits the line moments before the contents of its stomach (Dexter). Dexter is disqualified because he didn't finish the race under his own power. So: Horse is first, Cheetah second, and Dexter is disqualified.
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