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Final Pregnant Cat Update

I haven't posted or even read my Friends' posts in about a week. I've been very sad.
Butch had her baby, but it was stillborn. I was the one who discovered it. The kitten was on the floor of Patti's bedroom, and Butch was hiding in a suitcase nearby. She was so lost and confused. She didn't know what to do. This was last Wednesday afternoon. I called Patti and got her from work early, and we took the baby and Butch to the vet. The vet took an X-ray of Butch to make sure there were no other kittens inside her. There was just the one. Butch was only seven pounds before she got pregnant, and I was worried from the first day that she was too small. The vet said the baby died of an infection, and there was nothing I could have done if I'd been there at partum. We're giving Butch antibiotics to make sure she doesn't have an infection herself. Patti says as soon as Butch is recovered, she'll be spayed. It was really hard on both of us, and Butch has been really crazy the past week, too. We gave the baby a funeral at sea Saturday night and blessed her journey into the next world.

This was a terrible ending to a terrible week. More on this later.
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