December 11th, 2004

Nightmare Night Applejack

Kittens Update

There's good news and bad news and more good news.

Good News: The calico and the tuxy kittens are healthy and fine.

Bad News: Collapse )

More Good News: The vet called us and Butch's fever had broken, and she was hissing when they took her temp, which is a good sign. The vet said she was amazed that Butch survived the surgery and that she should make a full recovery and be able to go home Sunday or Monday.

In the meantime, we've been syringe feeding the kittens every few hours, and then burping them and trying to get them to eliminate. I just woke up Patti to give them another feeding. We have a box with a heating pad and a couple of hot water bottles, along with a lot of soft towels. This is in Patti's room with the door kept shut to keep out the other cats who are all very curious. The kittens are so tiny and helpless with their eyes and ears shut. They just melt my heart with their adoreableness. Overall, it was a bittersweet day with more sweet than bitter, thankfully.

I was thinking of naming the calico Amy, since they share their birthday with dear ladypentacles. I don't know if it's really a very cat name, though. Anyway, Patti gets final say of course, since they're her "grandchildren." If the tuxy's actually a male, I think we should call it James Bond. :) Ok, that was too silly. I need sleep.
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Nightmare Night Applejack

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Butch back with her two kittensButch back with her two kittens
Here they are. The pictures I promised. I'm afraid they aren't that great. She's just gotten back from the vet, and I didn't want to use the flash, so I had a lamp down on the floor. I wasn't about to try to pose them, so I took a bunch and got two that were postworthy. Anyway, I also took a 10 second .avi of the babies nursing (right click to download). It's about 2.4MB, but it's hosted on GeoCities, so if you have high-speed it shouldn't take too long.

The vet said that she was eating when food was put in her mouth, and she's urinating which is a great sign since she was worried about renal failure. The assistant brought Butch in, and the cat was so happy to see Patti that she just started peeing. It took the assistant off guard, but the vet didn't miss a beat. She said, "That's excellent. Get those toxins out. See how the urine is dilute? That's what we want to see. So be sure to give her prenty of water to drink so she can make more and get those toxins out." She also said that she's putting Butch up near the top of her Miracle List, a list of animals who survived that she gave very low survival odds to when they were brought in. She really didn't expect her to survive surgery, much less the night after. Butch seems very strong willed, and when we got home she went right to the kittens and started nursing like nothing happened. The vet left the IV needle in her forearm and wrapped it up, just in case there are more problems before she takes the stitches out on Monday.

So, to anyone who prayed for, cast protection spells for, or sent good thoughts the way of Butch and her babies: Thank you. Hoping the ending stays happy and gets happier.
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