September 16th, 2004

Nightmare Night Applejack

Ren Fest / Election / Work / ∞Cats

Ren Fest?!
Oh, I could spit. Woody (my ex) went up to Minnesota this past weekend. He went to the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee with his family. He called me Sunday night and told me all about it. He said, "Hey, y'know, I had an extra ticket that we didn't get to use. Maybe I should have invited you, but I didn't know if you like that sort of thing." Oh, he got really apologetic when he figured out that yeah, he should have invited me, and yeah, I like that sort of thing, and he could have found out by asking.

breathe in through the nose and... out through the mouth...


Nader May Steal Florida for Bush
From's 9/14 report:
The good news for Nader is that the Florida Divisions of Elections is putting him on the ballot despite a court order not to do so. In the old days, when Mayor Daley [of Tallahassee] stole elections for the Democrats, at least he did it by getting dead people to vote in the dark of night. The Republicans are a lot more brazen. I suspect we haven't heard the last of this story.

Mmmm... Abusing power? Jeb sounds nothing like George. >:P

PS: Florida poll puts Bush ahead by 1%. A few other states have swung his way, putting the Prediction at Kerry 238 v Bush 296.


Work, Maybe
Someone's going to have a baby! No, not me, thankfully. But I may get to fill in for her while she takes an extended maternity leave. <fingers align=cross> :)


Spread the Kitty Mayhem
Spike looking at Jed observing Binky watching Jackson contemplating Chynna perusing Sealy ogling...Site from kyrielle.
Infinite Cats!

I sent in Spike watching the latest pic on my TiVo. They've been adding cats so quickly, I'll have to see if they pick him. BTW, Infinite Cat 85 (Mika) looks like Ares. So much so that I had to double check the markings on his head to see if it was a perfect match. It was very close.
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