September 11th, 2004

Nightmare Night Applejack

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Poetic Justice
This is incredible. I'm not a dog-person, but shooting puppies is just wrong. That is, unless "shooting puppies" means that the puppies are doing the shooting. I'm glad Florida has a felony animal cruelty law. Too bad the puppy has such bad aim. Puppy-killer should be tied to a post in a hurricane.


Vote or Not Challenge
This seems to be a meme-esque thing. Thanks, davedujour. If Dave is on your friends list, please use his link here.

I just signed up for the VOTE or NOT Challenge. The challenge is to
raise awareness and get as many of our friends and family to
participate in the Election. The 2000 Election was decided by about
500 votes, so all our votes matter!! This year's election may be just
as close.

It's cool because if you sign up for the challenge, you also get
entered into a sweepstakes to win $100,000, and if you refer the winner
to the challenge (like I'm doing right now), you get $100,000 too. In
other words, if you join and win, we BOTH get $100,000. (Yes this is
for real!) They're doing this to encourage us to spread the word fast,
because the voter registration deadline is coming up soon.

Please sign up, when you join they will let me know so I'll know I
don't have to email you about this anymore. It takes less than a minute
to do, so sign up now for the challenge through my referral link:

If you still need to register to vote, you can do it online at:

If, like a lazy American ;) , you don't want to go down to the polls, you can always request an absentee ballot and mail in your vote! Google ["johnson county" iowa "absentee ballot request"] substituting your county and state, and you should find the request form and address to send it to.


Mandydax is now @ My thanks to kyrielle. 1GB. That's a lot of mail space.


"King of Pain"
SpotIf you know this Police song, it's the one that starts with "There's a little black spot on the sun today..." My big white cat is named Spot, and she loves to lie on the couch. She also has an affinity for cold water, especially condensation. Don't ask me why, and she won't tell why. Anyway, I have a parody that I like to sing to her, because I'm a dork.

There's a big white Spot on the couch today,
In the same old place as yesterday.
She likes condensation on a soda pop,
When she starts to lick it, she just won't stop.

That's all. "Nothin' to see here."
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Nightmare Night Applejack

Electoral Vote Predictor

For jaka_talbot, I put some good news up for the Kerry camp. has an up-to-date picture of where the electoral votes for the Presidency stand. They also have previous days' results. Since yesterday, Kerry's pulled to a 40 vote lead, getting 273 (270 are needed to win) from yesterday's 2 point deficit (swinging PA's 21 votes in his favor). They use polls in each state to determine which way it goes. You can hover over a state to find out the poll numbers and the source poll.

IA and CO are barely Kerry (by 4% and 1%, respectively), so if you know any liberals or anti-Bush people who aren't planning to vote, get them to register and get an absentee ballot. MN is weak Kerry (by 6%). NV and (duh) FL are ties.
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