August 31st, 2004

Nightmare Night Applejack

Pool / Electroshock / Pregnant Cat / Food

Monday Pool League Playoffs Wk. 2
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Electro-Shock Therapy
I wanted to apologize to everyone for saying yesterday that I wanted to vote for Bush. Patti electrocuted me after I brought her home. I was trying to talk her into letting me fill out her absentee ballot with a straight-line Republican vote, and she just ripped the cord out of the lamp (like in There's Something About Mary when he tries to defib the dog. The shock must have knocked some sense into me or shut of the post-hypnotic part of my brain, I guess. So I'm going back to my previous flip-flop answer of voting for John Kerry. I won't change my mind again, I swear on my Purple Heart. Really.


Butch is Preggers!
We're 99% sure that Patti's little calico is with kittens. I said, "Patti, does Butch look fluffier to you?" Then I realized it was that the fur was just covering more of her than there was before. So, kittens in 12 weeks, anyone?

We'll probably keep one. Patti says that I have to claim it as mine, but that would give me an odd number of cats (3), although it would give us collectively as a household an even number (6). Everyone knows that only crazy people have an odd number of cats, or so one of the cats in Everything Here is Mine by Nicole Hollander (of Sylvia fame).


Spoiled Child!
Oh, I ate really well tonight! Our friend Tom from pool league (where else?) brought over some salmon that he caught in Alaska. Patti marinated it and cooked it on the grill. She baked sweet potatos and made tomatos and avocados with feta, basil, and balsamic vinegar (we were out of fresh mozzerella). It was soooooooo goooooooooood! And there are leftovers for lunch! Yay!
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