August 29th, 2004

Nightmare Night Applejack

Birbigs Update

I got a response to the email with the Maxim cover I sent Mike Birbiglia.

>Miranda- This is absolutely absurd. Please put this on the message
>On 8/28/04 1:30 PM, "Miranda Richards" wrote:
>I love your Comedy Central Presents, and all the stuff I've heard on
>Bob and Tom. I heard you on Bob and Tom yesterday, and I heard how
>you'd like to be on the Maxim cover, so I made this for you. Hope
>you like it.
>PS: Can I be your stalker? (j/k)

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Nightmare Night Applejack

Get Fuzzy / Vote / Republican Call / Spiders

Get Fuzzy
For the sci-fi/fantasy collectors out there, this week's strips were hilarious yet painful.
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Change in Policy
I have decided that there is no way the Libertarians are going to win the Presidency this year ("Go ahead! Throw your vote away!" —Kang). I've decided that like the rest of the minority who vote, I will try to pick the lesser of two evils. That would have to be Kerry. I don't think I like him much more than I do Bush, although I do like his running mate John Edwards. I'll tell you why. John Edwards was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and Jon asked him if he was going to announce his intention to run for the candidacy. John said no, but that if he did, he would give TDS the exclusive on that announcement. A few weeks later, he was on TDS via satellite, and announced that he was running for the Democratic nomination. Most people would say, "So what?" I actually at the time said to myself that I would vote for him if he got the nom, because if he fulfilled a silly promise like that, I think I can trust his integrity. jaka_talbot, you were a contributing factor. Just don't expect me to drink the Kool-Aid at any Democratic gettogethers. >:]


Isn't it ironic? (No, just coincidental)
I just got a recorded message from "Shiela" inviting me to see President GWB and other Republicans at... but I was laughing too hard to hear the rest of the message. This after I just finished typing up the previous. Muahahahahaha!


Platycryptus undatusI think I may have mentioned my arachnophobia before. It's gotten a lot better since I moved out here thirteen months ago and have them all over all the time.

I helped get rid of one (capture and release) at Farm Bureau when I was there this last week.

I had on fall out of my hair yesterday morning after I got up. I just looked down to see what it was, saw the spider, and shrugged. "Eh."

Just a few minutes ago, I felt something on my upper arm. I look over, expecting to see a fly, but I see another one of these jumping spiders. I still have that startle response, and quickly brushed it off with a little "Eek!"

Most of the spiders I see around the house are of this type, Platycryptus undatus, pictured here. I realize that they are really quite useful for keeping down the other bug populations, especially the ubiquitous mosquitos. I've grown accustomed to their webs.
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