August 28th, 2004

Nightmare Night Applejack

Pool & Migraine / Bodies on Tables / Coaster Builder / More Pool

Wed. Pool League and Migraine!
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Patti takes me out of the match because she thinks I'm just being pouty and bitchy. That was only part of it. I went away and tried to relax, but couldn't. It was too late. I was getting my migraine aura. It's an olfactory sensation that reminds me of the taste of pennies: smelling copper. I feel the band tightening vise-like around my head.

By the time my team finished losing the match, I was squinting at the dim bar lighting. It's like having superhuman night vision except that normal light shoots spikes of pain into my head. I manage to drop off Woody and drive us home. I grab another handful of ibuprofen, some

sinus medicine, phenergan (which is internal but not oral), and lay down in bed trying not to feel anything. I think part of the whole thing was that I was so tired. Luckily, this meant that I fell asleep almost immediately.

I woke up on Thursday morning with just a dull ache, but no throbbing or stabbing pains. I took some more pills and went to work.


Bodies on Tables...
When we were warming up on Wed. for league, I noticed and actually read the plaque on the pool table:


Makes it seem like they were having a problem with the Mafia. "Gino, read the sign! No bodies on the tables! Coppish?"


Roller Coaster Builder
jaka_talbot and John should find this amusing. Discovery Channel Games' Build Your Own Coster.

Build it, submit it and get the "expert opinion" of the computer.


Thurs. Pool League Playoffs
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More later. I sleep now.
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Nightmare Night Applejack

Birbigs / PotD / RotD

Mike Birbiglia
Birbigs Maxim CoverYesterday morning I was listening to the Bob and Tom Show and they had comedian Mike Birbiglia ("Cracker, pleeeease!") on with them. He's featured in this month's Maxim as featured comedian. He was lamenting that they didn't put him on the cover (Maxim is a men's mag that usually features scantily clad women on the cover and on many of the pages, like a poor-man's Hustler). I felt a little sorry for him and thought I'd give him a little present. I found a couple pics online and practiced my PhotoShopping on them. I sent them to B&T and to Mike. No response yet. Tee-hee.


Nail Kit aka Plug of the Day
I was in the mall Wednesday. Patti wanted to get something at Younkers, but I needed to go to the restroom. I was wandering around the mall looking for it when this kiosk-girl grabbed my hand and started buffing my nail. He was explaining the three-sided thing and when she pulled it away, it looked like it had been clear-polished! Wow, then she put this eucalyptus Dead Sea mineral-oil stuff on the cuticle for the dryness and peeling. Then she gave me the lotion, and I swear, I've never had my hands look this nice. I went to the restroom and washed my hands and it looked the same. I went back to buy the kit when Patti showed up, and then... this is hilarious... the girl showed us this body exfoliant Dead Sea salt stuff, we wanted that (Patti has terrible dry feet and this stuff was amazing). Then she showed the facial peel stuff (no salt in that), and I really wanted that. She cut us a deal to get all three for $75. I think this stuff is awesome, and even after using them in real life, they work as well as she said. They're really worth the price ($25 nail kit, $25 body exfoliant, $35 facial peel). They're at a kiosk between Younkers and Sears. The products are from Attitude Line.


Dogsitting aka Rant of the Day!
<rant>I'm not a dog person. I'm really not a dog person. I have to dogsit this weekend, and I hate it. When dogs have to go, you have to take them outside. What is up with that? If you don't put the leash on them, they'll go and crap in the neighbor's yard instead of where you tell them to. I had to do the doody-bag thing, and that is disgusting You're supposed to feed them at a specific time. What? Take them on walks. Miranda doesn't do dog walks. This one isn't even cute. I hope I don't have to do this again. Ever.</rant>
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