Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Scarf's Done!

I finished watching the "Shada" story last night, and I had cast off my scarf earlier in the evening. I was working in the loose ends of all the color changes. There are a lot of those: 52 in all, and 2 colors per, plus the ends at 1 each. I did the tassels tonight. Right now it will go over my shoulders and about to the floor on both sides without wrapping around my neck. Stretching will make it a bit longer. Pix to come.

Totals: 1,042 rows at 60 stiches each, plus cast on/cast off, is 62,640 stiches. I used 220 yard skeins in seven colors. I used over a full skein of green and tan, and almost a full skein of grey. Purple, red, brown, and yellow still have a bit more left each, with yellow being the least used.

(I know I haven't been posty lately, and sometimes not even really commenty. I think I'm sliding back into depression. I'm thinking about asking my doctor for a Rx. We'll see.)
Tags: doctor who, scarf
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