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My Little Pony Live

Yes, dear readers, you read that correctly: My Little Pony Live.

It's a rare thing that I see and immediately think, "Oh, how I must remember to mock this on LiveJournal." This is one of those things. The only thing that could make it funnier is if it were My Little Pony on Ice. The subtitle of the show is "The World's Biggest Tea Party." I'm having a very hard time typing this as I am laughing so hard.

So... Which is your favourite My Little Pony? I have to say mine is *chortle* Pinky Pie! Who wouldn't like a character named Pinky Pie?! In fact, I like it so much, I think that will be my new pr0n name. XD

Disclaimer: mandydax is not responsible for readers' incontinence or cleaning cost of trousers, skirts, bloomers, or other articles of clothing or furniture caused by such. mandydax is also not responsible for funny looks, cramping, or watery eyes caused by the uncontrollable laughter associated with reading this post.
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