Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

If you could see a falling star, perhaps you could wish upon it

Well, I wanted to see the Perseid meteor shower this weekend, but it's just been too hot and humid. The heat's created turbulence in the atmosphere, and the humidity makes it hazy. The light from North Liberty being diffused by the haze was bright enough to read by once my eyes had adjusted. It wasn't cloudy. I could make out a few bright stars, but I couldn't even recognize any constellation. I'm disappointed. :(

Another falling star I wanted to see was Claire Daines in Stardust. I asked P Sunday afternoon if she was interested in seeing it, and she was. But after dinner, she didn't want to go to a late show which was the only other one left for the night. Ah, well, maybe some locals on the f/l would like to comment as to when they'd like to go. I've been looking forward to it since it's one of the biggest things that Neil's been writing about in officialgaiman.

Lastly, I have started over on the Doctor Who scarf once again. I found Crazy Girl Yarn Shop which sells some nice, soft wool in colors that match the original pretty well. I'm going with the instructions here. Ann at the Shop said she'd love it if I would bring in my final product for photos. The Shop is really nice, and they have "Knit and Wine" sessions (sounds like a Stitch and Bitch to me ~_^), and free lessons, and so on. Work is a bit slow this time of year, so I'll probably make great headway while I'm just jockeying the desk waiting for a phone to ring. I'm super happy with the color matches, though.
Tags: doctor who scarf, falling stars, perseids, stardust

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