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The Con that Was - or - There and Back Again (Part II)

So, super(-long)-Saturday! I woke up... in the morning... okay, that's freaky enough. ~_^

I took a quick shower, and I must say that water is wet! That may sound like saying that granite is hard, but when you live in Iowa, pretty much all water is very hard water due to the limestone that is everywhere. I don't know if the hotel softens it, but it was a very nice change.

I wandered on down to the Edina Room for the first panel of the day, Mythbusters. This was to discuss how the show is part science, part showmanship, part blowing-stuff-up. There was a lot of discussion of how it is still a TV show and they have to do certain things (explosions) to get the ratings they need to continue their work. They do bring a lot of the scientific method into the show (eliminating variables and having a control, etc.), but the one thing that bothers me about the "science" they do kept getting skirted by the panel until I finally pointed out that they use small data sets. Some myths can be confirmed (mostly those in an "is it possible to..." format, like the tunnel-digger detector, the bullet caught in the chamber, etc.) with a single successful replication of the facts and results of the myth. A lot of them have a lot less controllable outcome, like seasickness cures which can depend on psychosomatic response as well as biological/chemical routes. Anyway, as it was said in the panel, "We could talk for hours about this show." Moving on...

snakewich and I met up at 11am for the Costume Construction panel. There were a number of different ways that the panelists go about creating a costume. Some do a lot of sketching, others do a lot of improve sewing, others spend time in the plumbing section of the hardware store asking if this fixture can be hot-glued. This reminds me, I want to find Windy Bolesby's LJ... okay, that's done. She says that hot-glue is hot and that scissors can cut skin, too. If I'm going to do a costume for next year, I'll need to know things like those. I haven't really done a lot of costuming aside from bought ones, but after this panel I feel inspired to pick up on some ideas from last year. More on this if it comes to fruition.

After that, it was back to Edina Room for the Stargate panel. This was interesting in that there was a lot of stuff about press-releases and such that I hadn't read. Evidently a couple of movies are in the works, whether made for cinema or for TV, I'm not sure. Amanda Tapping is going to make the move to Atlantis. Yay for the new surge of Carter/McKay slash. >_> Anyway, there was a lot of reminiscing. It's been ten years. Ten Years. That's a long time.

For the 2pm slot, I had a lot of things circled on my grid, but I was exhausted and decided to nap for an hour or so. zzz... Well, I did get up and go wandering about looking for anterastilis (Elly Vortex! How bitchin' a name is that?!). Well, about the time I gave up and decided to have a closer look at the Art Show, guess who found me? Yup, Elly and sassylidge. I haven't seen Elly since my last year in college. Ten Years! Do you see what I did thar? Anyway, I'd not met Sassy before, but we've been LJ friends for almost a year through Elly. We did some serious art appreciatin'.

I got to Harmonic CVG and got to give big hugs to fireboydan, whose band Misplaced was playing. Damn, Dan! You rock out on the penny whistle and the mandolin both. This band is mucho fun, and they're finally getting an album out shortly. Hopefully Dan will post when this happens so I can get one.

I only know what time these panels are because I still have the schedule here in front of me. 5pm: Everything I Wanted to Know about Doctor Who But Was Afraid to Ask. This was a larger, non-spoilery panel that spans the entire universe of DW, from the classic series to the new series, Torchwood, the audio stories, the books, and everything else that there is. I did actually learn a lot about DW. I'm currently on the penultimate Jon Pertwee (Three) story "Monster of Peladon," so I haven't seen most of the Tom Baker stories and beyond. Silly me, I started at the beginning. The panel recommends for the most part to start with Tom Baker's Doctor (Four), and work one's way around. I'm really excited to keep going with the series, even through the '80's. I just finished, um, acquiring? the fourth doctor stories, so that's all very good. The more I see of the Doctor and his universe(s), the more I love it. ^_^

Pretty much as soon as that panel was out, Brian and I met up again and got in line for the Masquerade. Even though we were there about by 6:15 and the show doesn't start until 7, we were still about 2/3 of the way back when we were filed in. The Masquerade, for those who aren't familiar with CVG, is a kind of cross between costume pageant, skit show, and contest. Brian was so excited. ^_^ One of the best costumes was a Novice category one, a black dragon with glowing eyes, wings that opened and closed, and a jaw that moved. From where I was, it looked fantastic. Easily in the running for a best in show and for sure best in category. There were so many great costumes, but that one really had my attention because it was a novice and so wow!

The "half-time" show is Soylent Theatre. Soylent Theatre is People!!! They do skits, and it's as ever, hilarious! There was a bit about hitting people in the balls with a rope. That was, um, odd, but funny! XD

The sad thing about the Masquerade is that it always goes long enough to overlap with the Art Voice Auction, so the winners of the Masquerade are a mystery to me. I'm sure this should be put in a Post-Mortem report. Elly and Sassy and we met up at the Auction. I hadn't spent enough time in the Art Show to really bid on anything this year, which was okay with me. (See previous posts about overdrawing my checking.) But I had seen that there were a few L.A. Williams pieces in the show this year again (you may remember I got P this one last year), and I couldn't resist. Before that, however, I did see a small l/e print of a cat hiding among books, and I took a look at the face, and the cat looks just like P's Butch. So I had to bid. I won for only $40. I'm very happy with that one. The L.A. Williams pieces I wanted were an Angel theme (not the Buffy Angel, but like Seraphs and that). The first one up was Michael vs. Belial, which depicts Belial as a sort of fiery dragon. (I can't find the print online, but this is Belial). I was very aggressive with my bidding (evidently at one point for one piece I out bid myself twice in a row). It paid off as I got that piece and also The Guardian. The third matching piece was The Angel of Mons, but the bidding went well over $100 for it and I'd spent more than I had planned already.

(Wow, this is getting long...) I did not go to the Pun-el. Much as I would have enjoyed it (see my membership in puns), I decided to take Brian down to Theater Nippon and watch more parodies. We saw the same Yu-Gi-Oh! parody as last night, and it was followed by an Evangeleon Redeath Redux. "It's Gendou!" This was inspired, I must say! Done by the same people that did Fanboy Bebop, it was hilarious, especially bringing in Pikachu as the Eleventeenth Angel. After that was done, there was a drawing for many DVDs. Many people were named but not present. "All aboard the failboat!" became a chorus. Brian one a midseason DVD for Samurai. Reviews, Brian? ^_^

I also wandered next door where the Buffy "Once More with Feeling" sing-along was happening. I'm not a huge Buffyite, but I do love that sing-along. It's even on my Zen. Brian didn't know it, and was über-pooped, so went to bed.

I was trying to stay up late enough to watch Pan's Labyrinth at 2am in Cinema Rex, but I was tired. I visited the Dystopia party room and got my bar code (part of which still hasn't washed off yet), and took tea in the TARDIS, watching "Blink" from Series 3. (This was a brilliant episode full of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey... stuff). After that I went back to the room and collapsed in a sleepy heap.

Sorry if I broke your scroll-wheel. >_> Sunday morning will be Part III.
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