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So, I've finally caught up (mostly) on my LJ friends list. By the gods you people write a lot!

So, my trip. It was super happy fun time show! I tried to go to sleep Thursday night around midnight or 1am. Yeah, didn't work... I went to bed. Sleep was elusive, however. So I really was running on about three hours sleep when Brian stopped at the house to pick me up. The long drive up didn't seem so long with a companion to talk to and to split said driving with.

Checked in. Room 1917, easily remembered as the year the Great War ended. The war to end all wars... Erm, scratch that last... >_>

Our packets got a bit mixed up. They had MandyDax on "Guest of Miranda" and Snakewich on "Miranda", so we switched badges, as it was no big deal, really. After that we got something to eat and then a short nap for me. I gave snakewich the short tour, let him know what are not-to-be-missed events (Masquerade, Art Show, and of course, Iron Artist).

He went to the long tour (CONvergence 101) and I went to a panel on Japanese Horror. I now have a list of movies to see in the genre. We did bring up Versus and no one was quite sure what genre that was supposed to be, but there were zombies, so it's at least partly horror.

We hooked up for a panel on the Frankenstein Tradition, which was fascinating from the books to the movies to the modern variety of Franken-media.

Next up, we went to the Opening Ceremonies, which was much fun. The big skit was Survivor: Tatooine. The remaining contestants were Neo, Frodo, KHAAAAAAAAAAN!, and Mary Poppins. Host was the Dungeon Master (from the '80's cartoon). The Doctor showed up ^_^! Due to a loophole, even though he'd been voted off, he was able to come back since he'd regenerated. (Ten with blue hair, no less, was very hot.) Remember how I'd made the allusion to Mary Poppins being a Time Lord? Well, there was a mention that the Doctor liked her style. Her bag is bigger on the inside. ~_^

After the Opening (which ran long for the Mark Time awards), I sneaked into the last half of the Furry Fandom panel. What?! I'm just curious... >_> Then I went to a spoiler-filled Doctor Who panel. I'm all caught up on the new series and Torchwood, so only some of the press releases came as a surprise to me, and nothing that was oh-no-why-didn't-I-cover-my-ears?!-la-la-la-la spoilery. More wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey... stuff. Anyway, a lot of helpful connections were made that make me want to go back and rewatch everything.

Next up on my agenda was a little thing called "Five-Minute Panels" which is an improv panel where the audience puts panel topics in one bucket and panel members in another. Then, hilarity ensues. I put in topics "Dalek/Cyberman Slash Fiction" and "Sonic Screwdrivers and Other Potent Potables of the Future," of which the former was picked and the whole panel was pretty dumbstruck. Luckily Chewbacca was on the panel and went into a long graphic description of how that would even work. I also put in "Bender (from Futurama)" and "Patrick Troughton (2nd Doctor)" for panelists. Bender was an early pick, and Jeremy (blue-hair Doctor) said, "Huh, I guess they thought we weren't geeky enough to know who Bender was." This became a running joke (Yoda... of Star Wars... etc.) The Patrick Troughton was right on, though. "Run, Jamie! UNIT will take care of it!" XD

After that fun, I went and caught some anime fan parodies in the Theater Nippon. I saw the last half of "Yu-Gi-Oh! the abridged series" which, not having seen the real series, I still found hilarious. After that they showed "Fanboy Bebob" which was about Keanu and Ash's (played by Spike and Jet) quest to go to the Anime Super United Expo (ASUX), an anime con! They had to stop an evil mastermind from lobotomizing the whole con through the use of a special Pokemon video. (That's what I call art imitating life. ~_^ )

And then bed for a few hours.

To be continued...


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Jul. 11th, 2007 05:55 am (UTC)
By the gods you people write a lot!

Who exactly are you talking about? Wouldn't be me, would it?? ;-)

Glad you had a good time. We were in Kara tonight and I thought of you. Sigh....
Jul. 11th, 2007 08:40 am (UTC)
You might be one... >_>

I was in Kara tonight, too! ^_^ I got the Shade of Aran fight done for the quest (finally), and d/c'd twice on Illhoof. The first time I came back, since I'd disappeared by the Chains area, that's where I started, and aggro'd the reset boss and minion and wiped the raid. >_< Guild is the most wonderful, though and they all laughed it off. They killed him the second time I d/c'd, which was for a good 10 minutes. Then we hit Netherspite and downed him in one. I love that fight; it is so intricate.

I've also been working with the Model Viewer program to make dancing icons for the Belves. Size is a problem.

Is it can be sleep tiem nao?

Oh, yeah, I've gotten my little druid up to 25! ^_^
For the servers-screwed/caturday thread, I put up these. Lots of win there!
Jul. 12th, 2007 11:01 am (UTC)
CONvergence was a lot fun!

The frankenstein panel was pretty interesting, I will need to watch some of those movies they mentioned. Especially 'The Golem'.

I really enjoyed the opening ceremony skit, it was so clever and funny.
I still think you are correct though, Mary Poppins is really a time lord.

The Mark Time awards did run long, but they sounded kind of interesting. I might have to see if I can find the clips they had for the Canadian one.
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