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The Merry Wives of Windsor

I went with morgaine723, and snakewich and his mom to this bit o' Shakespearean comedy at the Riverside stage in the park that was built specifically for the annual Shakespeare Festival. The weather was perfect, a nice change from the previous few weeks.

The story was well acted, and there was much ham to help with the jocularity. The costumes were well thought out, as well, with Pages in red and Fords in green to help the newcomer to keep the family ties straight. It took about the entire first act before I really started getting into it. This was probably due to my unfamiliarity with the plot and characters (save our lascivious John Falstaff). A couple of the characters are foreign in tongue (Welsh and French), and much hilarity was at their expense and lack of accuracy with English. Trickery and miscommunication are the main drivers of the plot, and driven madly it is.

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and am looking forward to seeing the more familiar (and ever so much more tragic) King Lear on Sunday.

Tomorrow, however, is for another bit of English culture. Harry Potter movie fest! Ten hours of magic and mayhem! ^_^
Tags: harry potter, morgaine723, shakespeare, snakewich, the merry wives of windsor

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