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Still at work...

I ran out of records to prep, etc. So I decided to clean out the top drawer of my little drawer thingy. It's an under-the-desk jobbie that has a bottom drawer that can hold hanging files, purses, small animals, that sort of thing, and a top drawer which is more drawery and less cabinety. When I started this job about 18 months ago, I inherited the drawers with it, and there was stuff in it. As the months went by, I put more stuff in it. Today, I went through and cleaned it out, and wow, it's like a TARDIS in there. Maybe not Mary-Poppins-as-Time-Lord's-carpet-bag-TARDIS big, but it's so huge when there's nothing but air in it! I put back some of the stuff that I need to keep in it, and it's still got a lot of air in it! I think tomorrow, if I'm equally duty-free and ambitious, I may clean out the bottom drawer.

(Looking back at that adverbial phrase "Mary-Poppins-as-Time-Lord's-carpet-bag-TARDIS," I notice it looks like I'm trying to say that Mary is the TARDIS of a Time Lord and said TARDIS looks like a carpet bag. I am clarifying that there is a TARDIS, it looks like a carpet bag, and it belongs to Mary Poppins, who is a Time Lord. The umbrella is her sonic screwdriver, and Bert is her companion.)
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