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Yay, I MacGuyver'd my car...

The lights on my car were all wonky. The DRLs worked, and the parking lights worked, but turning on the headlights turned off all the lights. I took apart the steering column cover, got a couple switched at Radio Shack, and put it all together. So now I have two switches in my dash that light up when on, and turn the parking and headlights on. ^_^ The only really odd things are that the DRL indicator is staying on, even when both the switches are on, which they shouldn't, and I can turn the headlights on without the parking lights. Since the DLR is just a separate circuit for the headlamps without the parking lamps, it only means that there are two closed switches on that circuit, so no need for alarm there, and I need only remember that I need to flip both switches for standard headlights. The amazing thing is that I went to the library to find a schematic or diagram or something, but the two diagrams I found were conflicting (showing different configurations for the same switch -_-;; ), and only two pages apart in the same manual. Anyway, it works, and I no longer need to hold the lever back for the high-beams. The lever still works the same but for the bypassed switch at the end. I'm tooting my own horn here, and that works fine, too. I'm off to play pool with P. She's having a rough go of things. Maybe more on that later.
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