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May. 29th, 2007

The last couple weeks have seen me out of the house for more than work.

The previous weekend, morgaine723, snakewich, flower76, j4jason, and I went to see Shrek 3. It was very well done, and although I was lost for not having seen Shrek 2, I enjoyed it a great deal. Afterwords, we went to Panchero's and sat around gabbing until late.

On Friday, I starting getting a cold. I get them mostly with the rawness in the throat and ears which is most painful. I finished up what work I had, and left work at about 7pm. I picked up Zicam which, while it does taste like an approximation of ass, works wonders. I also ate a bunch of vitamin C and the 50mg Zinc supplements. The rawness quickly receded and I'm feeling much better now. Since I was sick, I went home and ate, then went to my room.

I got on WoW, and everyone was surprised. Even though I hadn't signed up (since I wasn't expecting to be available, my wonderful guild worked me into a raid on Karazhan! We did Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, and Curator. We also did the Opera event, which was Romulo and Julianne. It was so cool to see all that new content. Also? Jules dropped me some new pants! Thanks, Lurkers! ^_^

Saturday, P and I went to the new Pirates movie. It was great fun! If you love Johnny Depp and can't get enough of him, this will make you very happy! Go see it! I forgot to get cash, and was going to buy P's way in, as it's her birthday weekend. She said that we'd do presents Hobbit-style and paid for my ticket.


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May. 30th, 2007 11:15 am (UTC)
It sounds like you have been doing all kinds of fun stuff lately (other than the cold) :)
I hope you are over your cold. At least you managed to work in some good WoW from it.

Yeah, going to Shrek 3 and hanging out at Pancheros was a lot of fun!
May. 30th, 2007 02:16 pm (UTC)
Aw... sorry you got sick. :(
May. 30th, 2007 10:35 pm (UTC)
It is GOOD to get out of the house for events other than work!

Too bad about your feeling ill..., get better!
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