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Kind of another dream post

So last night, before I went to bed, I watched a couple more episodes of classic Doctor Who. I'm up to the last adventure with Patrick Troughton, Two. I finished part 6 of The War Games, and in the credits, I noticed that one of the bit parts was played by a David Troughton. I wondered if he might be Patrick's son, so I did an IMDb search, and found that it is the case. Then I figured while I was there, I could look up the Doctors to see who was where and some trivia, etc. I found that the actors who portrayed the first three Doctors are all now deceased. I expected this for William Hartnell, One, who was quite old when the series began. He died from stroke complications, which only makes him seem a bit more paternal to me. Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee, Two and Three, both died of heart attacks. Patrick was actually at a sci-fi convention when he didn't feel well and went for a lie-down; he was found by the convention staff when he didn't show up for the next panel. He apparently took a nap and passed away in his sleep.

On to my dream... I'm at a sci-fi convention, and Tom Baker, Four, is there on panels, and he says he doesn't feel well and would like to return to his room for a rest. I tell him that that was what Patrick said, and if he's feeling unwell, surely there's a medical professional at the con who would be more than happy to check him over and see if there's a more serious condition than mere fatigue at play. He, of course, is very obstinate (as Tom is said to be). That's really all I remember about the dream, but then in the dream I woke up and thought it prophetic perhaps. I check the news online and sure enough, Tom had died of a heart attack, and I posted on LJ about it. All that within my dream as well.

I did just check, and as far as I know, Tom is alive and well. It's strange the way dreams can take information from our daily lives and reprocess it. Well, that is really all I had.

On RL news today, I took a half-day (more like quarter-day) to be home this evening. Bob is here, and P and we are having a nice dinner, playing music, and probably sitting around a fire pit tonight.
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