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Crazy cat lady did what?

So, um, I went a bit mad this afternoon and cut my hair. I didn't have a lot of time, so I think I'll have to go back and finish the job later. I took a good 6" off, though. No one at work noticed. -_-

Also, there was the "Potato Bar" in the cafeteria tonight. My co-workers are all about the potato bar. I remember in high school, people were all about the potato bar. I don't get it. I asked what is so great about the potato bar. The response was an underwhelming, "It the potato bar! Po-ta-to bar!! You get a potato, and you can put stuff on it!" ... And....? "It's the potato bar. It's good for you." WTF?! I seriously felt like Charlie the Unicorn, except for the unicorn bit, and the candy mountain was the potato bar, and they were saying "Potato baaaaaaar" instead of "Chaaaaarrrrlieeee" or my name. Also, the ending wasn't the same. I enjoyed a nice bowl of tomato soup and some mozz sticks. I'm also having a bit of chocolate pudding.

So how's your evening?
Tags: food, hair, potato bar
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