Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

pi day

Happy π day, everyone. I was up at 1:59am and pm! How about you?

On the way to work, I was thinking about π and that it's an irrational number. Then I thought more about π. It's irrational, but a ratio. C=πd and π=C/d Then I realised that if π is irrational, but it's a ratio, then at least one of the numbers of the ratio must also be irrational. So circles are at least half irrational, and those people obsessed with crop circles are completely irrational. It's spreading. Next thing you know, Euler's number is going to be... oh, no!! They got to e, too!!! Beware ((the Ides of March) - 1)! Okay, okay... Calm down... *deep breaths* I'm sure it's all in my imagination, like square roots of negative numbers. Either way, have a happy π day!

Oh, also, thinking about math while driving is not a great idea.
Tags: e, i, pi, pi day

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