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Spring is here! Spring is here! Life is Skittles, and life is beer! Two great tastes that taste great together? Nah. But it got to about 70°F today. I'm very pleased about that.

It's been a while, so I actually had to look back at what I'd written recently.

On the visual front, my eyes are fantastic! I get some glare at night, but now it's no worse than when I had contacts. Wonderfully sharp it is. Also, with the astigmatism gone, I've noticed something amazing. What I thought was a slight case of dyslexia seems to have cleared up. I still get a bit, but the fact that the multiple image problem is gone has helped my brain give me the right info when I look at letters and numbers.

On the WoW front, Shimoyake of Terenas dinged 70 last week and got her flying mount, and is already 1/5 of the way to the epic flying mount. I really love the Lurkers guild. Even though I'm not on when the regular groupings happen, everyone's very friendly and I do get in on a lot of impromptu instances. I also got the AB2 and Water9 books from the guild, and they told me that if I didn't have enough to buy my wyvern, they'd force an interest-free loan on me. ^_^

On the room front, I cleaned my room this weekend. By that I don't mean that I shifted piles around. I actually got rid of a bunch of stuff, put other stuff in storage, and rearranged the window wall. I scrubbed any old catsick spots on the floor and swept the entire thing. I've never seen it so clean and tidy since before I moved in. It's actually in order enough that I'm not embarrassed to have anyone see it. With the weather so nice, I've been opening the windows to let the place air out a bit, too.

On the TV front, Heroes snuck up on me. By the time it was a phenom, it'd gone and had too many episodes. So now I've seen all of them thru episode 18. 19 might have been on last night... I did figure out Peter's power before he did. No, Dave, I don't think that Christopher Eccleston's character's name is really Claude Raines. I think he was making reference to the actor who played the original invisible man as a sardonic remark. Still, OMG HE'Z INVIZABEL1!!! I was totally wrong on Mr. Bennett. Very funny when Hiro got called Sulu; I yelled, "No, that's his dad!" Wow, almost everyone in the main storyline are connected in so many ways; what a tangled web they weave. Am I the only one who thought, upon seeing Gabriel Gray: OMG, Clark Kent? Mohinder is hot (the doctor, not the lizard). If Sylar gets DL's power, it's all over. It would be very difficult for Sylar to get DL's power. Mr. Linderman likes Jessica on his team because she loves a bit of the ultraviolence. Hiro and Ando, OTP. I'm sure there's more, but that's like 13½ hours of viewing. Also, I think Doctor Who comes back next month.

On the cat front, I need to get my babies in to see the vet. It's their annual checkup time. I should also see if there's something like an injectable steroid I can give Spot for her arthritis which is getting more and more pronounced. Ares did the cutest thing last night. I have hanging laundry bags, and he fell into one. I looked in and he's all curled up in there, looking up at me, Mrow? He did manage to pull himself up and out, but he was doing an impression of the "Hang in there" kitty along the way. I was literally ROFL. Spot still loves to be the water cat. I took a shower without shutting the door all the way and she was in there licking the walls. ^.^

On the icon front, I haven't done much recently. I finally got eliminated from the Blackadder LIMS, and I haven't done anything for about a month, I think. Either way, this means I can post up everything that I have, and I don't have to wait for any contests to end. Look for those at mandydaxicons shortly.
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