Miranda (mandydax) wrote,


Yes, folks, I may be the last person to post about my power outage from hell. We lost power Saturday afternoon and didn't get it back until this afternoon. I actually was happy to go to work just because there was light and warmth, oh, and running water. Did I mention that out here on the lake our water is run by the Association, meaning that we have our own supply and it runs on a pump, and the generator couldn't take the ice, so that sucked. Ice over and inch thick on some surfaces, tree limbs and, really, whole trees down, cable snapped, transformers exploded, ice and branches raining down on the roof all night, blah, blah, etc., etc. We ended up running the gas range to keep warm since the furnace, although gas heated, has a fan that runs only on electricity. We kept watching each other for signs of asphyxiation, and luckily saw none (also luckily because there were none). P says that, yeah, she really should replace the diesel generator that broke down a few years ago. I was cold, tired, and ZOMG BORED! I did read about half of a book of short stories by Asimov called Robot Dreams. Very good book. Anyway, I'm totally using my default icon on purpose in this post. I had over a hundred posts in my friends regular view filter. I may have skimmed some, but don't be offended if I didn't comment. I'm glad things are back to normal, and I hope they stay that way.
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