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No more of this!

Bilateral LASIK done! Eyes were sooo itchy right after, but I didn't sleep well last night and with the valium, it was no problem taking the doctor's advice and sleep for a few hours until that feeling went away. I can see really quite well! I have these clear eye shields taped to my face, so my depth perception is blocked. In the morning, I go to have them double check the work and give me eye drops and instructions. The procedure went pretty much as described, all except for the smell. The smell of vaporised corneal material is almost exactly the same as burning hair, just not as acrid. I'm simply amazed by the improvement I've already seen, and as the flap heals, it should improve more. Also, I don't go back to work until Thursday. Lots of time to relax. #_# ←Sorry you can't see my eyes doing their "^" thing, but medical tape, y'know...
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