Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Deer, oh, deer...

So tonight at work ran long due to stuff and my misjudgement of the passage of time.

On the way home, I hit a deer. Luckily, I saw the two of them coming up out of the ditch and applied (read: slammed on) my brakes and hit the horn. They took the cue from the screech of the tires and the blaring horn that perhaps they should quicken their steps. The first cleared cleanly, but the second was a little behind, and I gave him a sweet charlie horse, I'm sure. I hit him in the thigh which knocked his feet out from under him, but he got right back up and bounded off through a nearby farmyard. He might be a little bruised but otherwise fine. I'd almost come to a complete stop when the collision occured, but I pulled over and inspected the area of impact: No damage, no blood, no fur, nothing. The only thing out of the ordinary was the stench of the rubber I laid out on the road in my stop.

Oh, and it was so cold at the lake that the snot froze in my nose. X(
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