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It's a matter of perception, or Dude, these glasses are totally blowin' my mind, man!

I got my glasses today, and yes, they're totally cute. However, I'm used to wearing contact lenses, which don't cause chromatic aberrations, or make me think things are smaller or farther away than they really are or, make things that are straight look all bendy, or give me vertigo. The glasses, in add... whoa I just looked at my hands and they are so tiny! Um, where was I? Oh, yeah... there's also the frames that I can see, a little distracting. I've almost fallen down or run into things a few times today due to misjudging distances. I've had them on for about 5 hours now and I'm getting used to them. It's just a very strange experience. So the contacts are gone forever, muahaha! I'm thrilled to be getting the LASIK done. More later.

PS: also due to anterastilis' idea of rereading the HP books before book 7 comes out, I got all the books in audiobook format. Harry's just reached the grounds at Hogwarts. It's so much more detailed than the movie, and Jim Dale really does a wonderful job with the narration and characterisation.
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