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Sundry Things and Guitar Strings

I stayed up way too late last night playing with my new tablet. Once I figured out how to force the eraser end to be an eraser in GIMP, it was a lot of fun. ^_^ Today just dragged on at work, and I ended up leaving early. I have the LASIK consultation with the opthamologist tomorrow morning (almost noon, don't panic), and I figure that after, I'll just head to work early and still get out earlier than usual even after making up the half-hour from tonight.

The internets was broken again when I got home. I managed to get the guitar restrung while I waited. Three icontests issued new challenges today (including torchwood_lims), so I need to get those opened, and get screencaps, etc. Got a new set of icons up at mandydaxicons.

I hope the doctor doesn't lecture me about how I need to take my contacts out at night. I've been sleeping with them in since high school, and getting free of contacts is one of the reasons I'm going to get my eyes lased. Every eye exam, tho, I get it... e_e;;

I'll try to at least collect some images for the icontests and get some ideas going tonight.

Hrm, I should finish that mood theme I started, as well.
Tags: guitar, icontest, lasik, user input device, work
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