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Well, I haven't been posting much, but commenting quite a bit. I evidently passed the 5k comment mark sometime in the last month. I don't know which one it was, so no prizes will be awarded. I've been a little down. I lot of crap going on, and not much to do about.

On lighter notes, flower76's NYE party was fantabulous! Much fun was had, guilty pleasures were endulged in, and much confetti will be found in odd places for days to come. Also, got to see one old friend who says I don't look nearly my age, for which she should become a re-new friend. ~_^

I did those Giftmas icons the other night when Neil Gaiman broke the internet. Only about a week late. e_e Will post up the non-personals in mandydaxicons with the DW ones soon.

And... now that the price for reg'ing for CONvergence has gone up by $10, I think I'll start working on that and hotel. I think I may have a partner in crime this year. PS to the CON-ers: if there are any super-awesome movies doing a midnight premiere, lemme know!

'Nuff for now. Back to work. :P
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