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Burning Crusade Cinematic

On an even lighter note: Blizzard has put up the introduction cinematic for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. I d/l'd the 45 MB version (during gameplay, which gave me superlag, and which made me realise I M A N00B ~_^). It looks fantastic on 20" widescreen. If they'd only put as much effort into making the buggy quests work. ← that's a joke, mostly, and I can't really talk.

The other night, a guildmate invited me to a group so we could find each other more easily so I could do an enchantment for him. So I do the enchant and he leaves the group. I'm thinking that disbands the party as there were just the two of us on the screen. Suddenly, all my quests are broken. I contact Blizz, and they say, drop and reaccept the quests. No dice. Uninstall your add-ons, same problem. I'm thinking, "ohnoez, I gunna hafta reinstall and that's hours of patching!!!cos(0)1!" Then they send me an email: Please check to see if you are in a Raid Group while trying to complete your quest. Unless a quest is designated as a "Raid" quest in your quest log, you will not receive quest items (or credit for quest-related kills) while in a raid group. This is part of intended functionality. To see if you are in a raid group, please click on the social button (default key: ‘O’). In the social window, the furthest tab on the right contains all raid information. If you are in a raid, then quest items will not drop, and quest kills will not count. Well that's silly, but I'll check... OMFGDI!!!!! HTH did that happen?! Evidently, and this is something I never encountered in all my time raiding on Eldre'Thalas, /logout and /exit do not remove you from raid. I was the only person in Group 1 and the Raid Leader was offline in Group 2, so I only ever saw myself on my interface. Leave the raid, and everything drops like rocks. >.<'

So, my apologies to Blizz for pestering you with my ignorance. I only wish that that last email you sent me were the steps told to me on my first ticket. I had no idea that raids didn't kick you when you /logout or /exit. Thanks for your patience with me. Sorry, and thanks. v_v
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