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Raining raw sewage on my parade

Not much going on here, just a few things.

Lost cat: Floyd's been missing pretty much all week. It's been Springlike weatherwise, and in the Spring, he likes to go on walkabout, eventually coming home. I hope the mild temps have given him temporary wanderlust and that nothing more terrible has happened. I really doubt that he would allow anyone to "rescue" him unless a live trap or a tranq gun were used. P hasn't had him chipped and he doesn't wear a collar or tags, so other than his fixedness, he looks like a feral cat. Come home soon, Floyd!

Cancer: Not for me, but BB's has come back in his throat. P says they are going to do more tests, but he may lose his voice depending on what they have to excise. His wife is more worried than even he is. Being himself, he's joking about it. His is similar to my defense mechanism. I don't know what to wish for as even "for him to get through this" is going to involve a lot of pain and hospital time again at best.

Xmas with relations: I'm to head upstate for Mother's family Xmas. I need to call and get details. I enjoy the food, and it's nice to see how well everyone is doing, but it does lend itself to making comparisons, which can be disheartening. Wish me well. I think I'll take my laptop to work on graphics if I need some alone time.

Medicalert: I've had this feeling like there's something in my throat for the last few days. Nothing seems to clear it. I've tried coughing, hacking, drinking lots of water, drinking lots of bouncy bubbly beverage, eating various textured things, belching, and attempted digital extraction. I haven't tried vomitting yet because I hate vomitting as much as almost anything. Maybe swallowing a few inches of string with a button and pulling it out? (Ya, ew, I know :6 ) I'm not having trouble swallowing or breathing, so I don't know what could be the problem, although my hindbrain is thinking up some horrible possibilities. If it's not gone by Monday, I'll call to see the doctor.

There's good news, too!: It's, um, Friday, and I only have some minutes left till the weekend officially starts? That was weak. :P

So, yeah... Thanks for reading. Hope it wasn't too much of a downer.



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Dec. 16th, 2006 04:55 am (UTC)
Happy weekend!

See my last post in my lj for a recent photo of the kidlets. If you would like to do any icon work, that would be wonderful.
Dec. 16th, 2006 05:12 am (UTC)
K, I thought that was my materiel du grafique, but I wanted to make sure. I'll try a few variations to give you choices.
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