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I know probably no one is reading this as no one else is probably actually watching the series, but...

Last night, I was watching "They Keep Killing Suzie" and was thinking (as I had a few days before) that Jack has demonstrated a penchant for killing everyone's girlfriends. He killed Ianto's Lisa in "Cyberwoman," and Tosh's Mary in "Greeks Bearing Gifts." So after a quick extrapolation (yes, I know two data points are a small set), I thought, "oh, crap, Owen's Gwen is next." So during "Suzie," I thought, "Wow, Gwen didn't last long..." but they end up saving her. Hrm.

Also, kind of along those lines, I was quite confounded by the Ianto/Jack exchange at the end. The subtext was basically:
Ianto: I know you just killed my cyber-girlfriend only a month ago, but...
Jack: Fancy a shag? Don't mind if I do.
Ianto: Booyah!
... and I'm like all WTF?!?!? Sigh....
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