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Long day...

Ugh, last night I left work early so I could get to bed early. I did get to bed early, but going to bed four hours early is not conducive to actual sleep.

So this morning, I'm supposed to be at work at 8:30am, yes antemeridian, for training on the new birth record system being implemented at the start of the year. Set my alarms for 7am and 7:30am so I can't be late! Set my phone on the other side of the room. Finally drift off at sometime well past midnight (like hours past), and wake up with my phone in my hand alarming. It's now 8:11am, and it's a 20 minute drive to work at best. Luckily, I get there and am only 13 minutes late, and yes, I changed out of my sleepwear.

Four hours later, I drive back home without falling asleep, lay down on my bed, and promptly fall asleep for another three hours. I get up, get ready (properly this time) and go to work for another seven-ish hours. This whole morning training thing has messed with me proper. I think I'll be okay now, tho, just need to stay up till my regular bedtime and get back on my regularly scheduled programming.

I just caught up on all the LJ I was behind. It only took about 2½ hours, but I was commenty and you all were prolific, and I had to get in on a few pun threads with sacramentalist.

Anyway, I'm going to rewatch Doctor Who: "The End of the World" in preparation for making icons for dr_icontest. I made some from "Boomtown" because I'm auditing (like in college) doctorwholims. I'll put those up later in mandydaxicons along with the ones from week 2 in dr_icontest (including my third place winner! ^_^ ). In the meantime, enjoy my Zebra Girl icon.
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