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Busy day? Moi?!

Yes! Moi!

I woke upwas woken up to a muzziness that rivals pot stupor. ("Dude... wait... What?"), and I didn't even get coffee in me before I was talked into driving to CV with P for a pool tournament. Three cups of coffee later, I was awake and ready, and I was already at the bar. Okay, so pool tourney, L/W/W/L, out of the money, though I made some great shots and by the end, getting some great shapes. *shrug*

So I'm out, but P's running the thing and she's still in with lots of racks left. Best Buy ho!! After discusing computer storage options, I went to "price" drives ~_^ for her. BB had a beautiful USB 320GB drive for only $149 (which was the best buy $/GB). I got two: one for her (Happy Giftmas), one for me. Also, we have a lot of bronwouts/blackouts here on the lake, so I checked out UPSs. I got two (same deal as above) of the cheapest one (rated at 27 minutes, so we can save what we're doing and shutdown properly), which was also the one recommended by the BB person who was the resident expert on the subject. I also got a mini-mouse with a retractable cord for P to use with her laptop because those little wirelss ones never work (at least for her). In the morning (if I can get up), I'll install her UPS and EHDD and even put an old CD-R/WR drive in her machine since her old one's kaput.

I added up my storage total. I have 760GB (nominally, 675GB actual) of HDD space for my desktop now. 453.4GB is free right now. Torrents sure do add up. ~_^

On the LJ front, I redid a few things on my Scrapbood including the whole layout, updated the info in mandydaxicons including an few interests, voted on icons for the Week 2 challenge at dr_icontest (only 9 entries, so ^_^Xm ).
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