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Posty post: 99% content-free

Partly, this is to show off my new icon. pixel_876 put up a tutorial showing how to make a postage stamp icon. Some of it was lost in translation from PhotoShop to GIMP, but I did figure out a couple of things I didn't know how to do before. So yays there. (BTW, get it? Posty post? ?? :P )

I granted a Giftmas wish to sassylidge in icon form as well.

Still pimping my icon journal at mandydaxicons. I'm even taking requests there if you watch the comm. *Cheers*

On RL fronts, I'm going to go be in a pool tourney tomorrow (if anyone shows up... e_e;;). I kind of miss being in a league where I play every week. I usually only get any play in on the weekends with P at home. We'll see if my game in "on."

Weather: effing cold. Watch out east coast, you're buring karma at both ends.

Oh, and P and I were talking about her photography. She had a dream where we set up a website and we sold over 20,000 in the first month. We both quit our straight jobs for doing that full time, and she paid for my health insurance, too. ^_^ Seriously, she has a lot of beautiful nature pix and has been thinking of selling some. I was thinking that I could make some of the graphics for the site (tho I don't think I want to manage a web-store), and watermark the thumbnails. She's totally convinced that people will print out the pix themselves if she puts up even a 300x400 thumbnail w/o a © watermark. Not a bad idea, tho, and I could find out how to write a macro for the GIMP to do it in one step. On the same front, she wants more storage for the photos. She takes 8MP pix, and that adds up fast. She has an 80GB HDD in her computer now, and I was looking at RAID drives. There's a 1TB RAID with USB ports for expansion at buy.com for about $700. For now, I think I'll stop by Best Buy and get her a nice size external USB drive, like the 250GB I have in my room. Speaking of which, I think I'll back up some files. Been a while, and ookaaaaay, it's about 70% full. teehee ^_^;;
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