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Disaster Averted

I came home tonight, walked in the bottom door, and was immediately struck in the olfactory bulb by the strong thiol stench of a gas leak. The stove and oven are gas and use piezoelectrics to light the gas, so no pilot light. I open the screen in the door, head across the kitchen in the dark. I find the one knob turned partway on and turn it off. Open all the windows, and go upstairs to check on P and let her know what's going on. She's fine, and says we should open all the windows. So we do. Thankfully there's a breeze coming off the lake. We've had dead calm (read: mirror lake) conditions for the last few days. The cats are well, P's well, all's well.

Retrospectively, I stayed quite calm. I've never experienced a gas leak before. I didn't switch on any lights or turn on any fans since a spark could set it off. I ventilated the area and checked on all the mammals in the house. I found the source of the problem and, since it was a valve, shut it. I did have an oh-shit reaction, but kept my head. I'm just glad it was a valve and not a break in the line. Evacuations aren't my cuppa.
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