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Requisite Thanksgiving Post

I'm thankful for...

...my life, even if I don't seem to make much of it. I show love in strange ways.
...my cats, who are always there for me when I come home at the end of the day.
...good health most of the time, and the minorness of the illnesses I do get.
...my car, Tink, who has been my faithful roadtrip companion for over seven years.
...P, for being a great landlady and an even greater friend, confidante, adoptive mother.
...my friends, old and new, who always seem to have *hugs* and/or wisdom when I need it, my family of choice.
...the internet, without which I might not ever get to connect with or even have met said friends.
...science fiction, which gives me hopes for the future that we can make some science fact.
...Smokey, for pulling me over Monday and only giving me a warning, the call to get dear Tink all fixed up.
...my job, which I like most of all the jobs I've had, which pays me more than I spend, and which makes my life comfortable if not opulent.

Figured I'd go with 10 for now. There are so many more things, these just popped into my mind at the moment.
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