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Big Bad Update

Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up (in sections).

This continues from where
There... left off...

Lake Mansion
This was a week-and-a-half ago. Deer Lake, WI. Good friends, good times! Played lots of games, died in those games a lot. Watched the Mummy movies (Brendan Fraser still wins). It was a fantastic time, and soooo wonderful to see everyone together again. We definitely need to do this again soon. Also, I have some new games that need to be puchased and brought to Sunday game days.

...and Back Again
The drive back was... interesting. The weather was good so nothing exciting to report there. Right off the bat, I found the exhaust coming from under the side of my car and not from the muffler. Guh. :P First things first, tho, I must tell about the service at...
histrygrrl, popedale, fireboydan and I stopped at a Denny's (after being almost fooled by a marooned Hardee's sign) to grab some breakfast and have a little more quality time. We were seated and drink orders were taken (coffees all around). Then our waitress, Mel, came to us. I think we all agreed, we love Mel. First thing, she asked if we wanted the 6-person booth, so we could spread out a little. Perfect! Then she took our orders (and a couple of us had the Sally-asking-for-substitutions disease) without writing anything down. (*gasp* *suspense*) She brought our food to us, and everything was exactly right, right down to the Sallyisms. She filled our coffees before they ever got near empty, kept us in creamer, and made banter with us, and split our check. OMFG, BEST SERVICE EVER ANYWHERE!! Tongue ring to boot. ~_^ Needless to say, we all tipped this kick-awesome Mel right off the tip calculating chart. I doubt I'll ever have better. Yay, and thanks Mel!
Weehaw! How totally boring that drive is. Once out of the cities, it's all bland interstate driving, but at least in MN, there are some trees to spruce up the landscape. I drove all the way to Waverly, IA without incident. Then I stopped at a BP there. I turned off the engine, got my bank card out of my purse, and stepped out, shutting the door behind me to work the pump. *door-closey noise* O_O *palmface* Yeah, I locked everything but my bank card and me in the car... with the radio and lights running. *le sigh* So I go in and ask to use the phone. Really nice people there, giving me info like where I am, phone number I'm at, etc. The roadside service will have a truck to me in 45 minutes. Um, okay, I guess it's time for lunch. I go fill the car and get some food, sit down and eat, waiting for the truck. It shows up, and the guy sticks a wedge between the door and the frame, puts the pressure-cuff-looking thing in and pumps it up before I even reach the car. He sticks in this long metal rod and *thunk* door's unlocked. OMG, he did it in less than 20 seconds. I've never seen anyone do it that fast. I thanked him, went to start the car, and *rr*... *click* *click* *click* uh, oh, battery's dead. I dive out the door as he's grabbing the jumper out of the back of his rig. "I thought you might have that problem, so I stuck around." OMG!!!! Two brillant service people in one day! (←something to be thankful for) So he jumps it and asks which way I'm heading. I tell him south on the interstate, and he says, "I'll follow you for a few miles in case it dies." ^_^ It didn't die, but tow-truck guy, thank you!
Arrival in the Shire at home
I got home, towed my ton of stuff in and pretty much collapsed. I was about to become ill in the next week or so.

Two nights ago: Smokey
The day I was wearing the eyepatch at work all day(made for lots of interesting conversations- "I lost it... somewhere. It's brown. Let me know if you find it." "It was all fun and games, then I lost an eye, then it was just fun." "Don't tell boss-lady, but I'm scoping out a new job in piracy!" "It's my punishment from the RIAA for all the downloads."), I drove home (sans eyepatch), and about halfway home got pulled over by the State Patrol. Oh crap, what'd I do? Well, the trooper was actually really nice. Told me he stopped me for the little light over my license plate being out, and oh, BTW, I was speeding a little, just 8 mph over. He was kind enough to give me a written warning and an order to fix the light. No fine is just fine by me. It was kind of a wake-up call that my car was overdue for many services.

The Midas Touch
I called Midas in IC (I really do trust those guys, they're very honest) to tell them some of the problems I was bringing my car (Tink) in for. The list included: overdue for oil change, squealy belts in a cold engine, broken exhaust, electrical problem in the lighting system (headlights worked... sometimes... I've been using the DRL and the parking lamps to affect headlights and taillights), missing in the motor, tire imbalance. These are a few of my favorite things. Anyway... I took her in this morning, and it took about an hour to get a preliminary estimate, and they were still trying to trace the electrical problem. I was okay with all the estimates. Evidently the car is not a 100k tune-up, but 60k. Oops. The spark plugs were in horrid shape. Tink was sicker than I'd been. I left the car doctors to their work, got some food, walked a dozen blocks to work. Ken called to let me in on the electrical problem and the belts. I okayed those fixes. Luckily the electrical was not in the multi-function branch off the steering column. That would have been much pricier. When the work was done, Ken called me up, took payment (he threw in the tire rotation and some coupons for around $35 off), and arranged to drive Tink to my work and park it. What service!! Tink sounds better, she drives better, she handles better, and it feels like she's running on all three cylinders! Teh yay! Total damages are $812. That's only about three payments from when she was under a loan. I can handle that.

Speaking of Money
Last night I was balancing my accounts to find how much money I had for repairs. I saw that one credit card was having a 1.9% till July balance transfer offer, so I checked stuff out, and transfered the entire balance off one card to the other. I switched the auto pay to double on the one and cancel on the other. Today, I figured out that I didn't have the funds or the credit line to pay for the repairs. So I had to put it on the card I just paid off. v_v *le sigh* So, to sum up:
Balanced accounts, all within limits: YAY!
Still have balances on two cards: BOO!
Paid off one card: YAY!
Came close to maxing the other out in the process: BOO!
But getting a great rate by doing so: YAY!
Had to put the repairs on the newly paid off card: BOO!
So it's a wash. I just hope no one impales my finances.

That's all for now. Wow, that got long. <lj-cut> to the rescue.
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