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I'm all icked out...

I'm still sick. Did I post that? Well, I am. Chest cold, bronchitis, ebola... something. Who likes phlegmy lungs and unproductive coughs? Can I get a witness?! Good, you can take it. Oh, and this morning, I woke up with what appears to be pinkeye. Hooray. Since I'm effectively blind without a contact in that eye, I'm wearing a half blindfold. Yar, I'm a pirate, yay. It's getting annoying. Tomorrow, I go to Dr. Jeff and get some sulfa drops. Should have done today, but I'm SICK! Ugh! </whine>

On the plus side, new userpic.

BTW, this is my 666th journal entry. How's it go again, popedale?
Tags: pinkeye, sick

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