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If half the adventure of going someplace is in the journey, I must have had a totally kick-awesome time up at the cabin.

I left early on Friday. I figured I'd avoid the Friday rush hour in MSP. I thought I should have plenty of time to do some shopping in Waterloo. I left with hardly anything packed. I stopped at the SuperTarget on San Marnan Dr, got some clothes, a nice peacoat (which I may take back b/c it has no pockets, I mean, WTF?), an entire bed sheet/comforter set, beverages of all kinds, candy. So I really did do some of the makeover I'd talked about a little while ago.

I left there and continued north on the Avenue of the Saints. I started seeing some wet roads, then some drizzle (fo' shizzle), then sleety snow, then snowy snow, then blizzardy snow. That was fun, especially the 50' visibility. If the Iowa DoT knows one thing, tho, it is how to plow.

During this part, I had to reach out occasionally and snap the wiper to clear the snow under it. Once, I grabbed to low and bent it. I was pulling over and as I stopped, it fell off. Luckily, I'd had extra wipers in the car (don't ask) and replaced it.

The snow stopped a few miles short of the Minnesota border, and the road was nicely cleared... until I crossed said border. This is when I posted my angry voice post, saying the MN DoT should lrn2plow!1! The right lane was covered in chunky areas of icy snow, so that when one drove over them, it bounced one's vehicle into the air and sent it sliding a bit. The left lane was totally clear, however (?!) so for a few miles I was in a caravan of 30-40mph vehicles until the other lane was clear, too.

I ran out of wiper fluid in a long stretch of no gas stations. I pulled into a rest stop and found I had no spare fluid (>.<) So I bought some Aquafina and used that, then used some melted snow to fill it some more. It worked fine as a MacGyverism.

I got into MSP around 4pm, so I was able to get thru without too much traffic. I made it thru and off the interstate, over the river (Ol' Miss is narrow up there) and thru the woods to the palacial mansion, er, um, I mean cabin.

→Coming soon: The Cabin Report!←
PS: I'm all caught up on LJ. Only a bit over 100 posts, including comics. C'mon! ~_^Vm
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